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Special Courses / Training Attended:
Please give details of all positions held since completing your full time education, starting with your most recent position. If you have no employment record, include details of any other work (E.g. voluntary work).

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If you have answered yes to this question, the employer may be consulted about your employment record.

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  ¤ Bonus / Ex-Gratia
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  ¤ Company Car provided Yes / No If yes, specify make of the car :
  ¤ Driver's salary (in Rs.) Rs.  
  ¤ Car Maintenance / Patrol expenses limits / ceiling
6.     Flat / House Your own / Company provided

If staying in a Company provided house, please specify the following :
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No. of Bed Rooms :   Deposit lodged with the Flat Owner : Rs. 

Rent Payable : Rs  p.m

Lease period : From   To :   Renewable every : 11/12 months

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